Good nutrition is the foundation of an energetic, vital life. Good nutrition means getting the chemical building blocks into the body that are required for health. Although we don’t eschew the use of supplements, we do believe in fresh, raw foods as being the main source of vital, essential nutrients. La Casa (PR’s) food is as fresh as it comes. Much of the food is either grown on the farm, or from neighboring farms. You have never tasted the exquisite medley of flavors of a papaya until you have eaten it moments after it was growing on the tree. Or mango. Or avocado. Although we favor a vegan cuisine, for those who prefer incorporating dairy into their diet, our neighbor and good friend, Amy Tyler, is a goat-farmer, and we usually have fresh, raw goat dairy available. Our smoothies, with raw goat milk or yogurt, with fresh fruit added, are to die for.

Guests are always invited to participate in the gathering of La Casa grown foods as well as preparation of meals. Our kitchen is set up to be a teach-in kitchen, and we encourage guests to both watch and participate in food preparation so that they can take useful lessons on food preparation back home.

Classes are conducted on sprouting, raw food preparation, food dehydration, wild edible foraging, and on making scrumptious salads and juices.