La Casa’s 4 Pillars of Health (the De’s and Re’s)

At La Casa, we have perfected the art of harvesting the riches of Mother Earth. You can experience a mud bath the way the Taino Indians did it centuries ago; or, enjoy a massage or body wrap under the fragrance of our ylang ylang trees.

La Casa is a fully sustainable and green development entity with an emphasis on health-inducing practices in a back-to-nature environment. La Casa takes the approach of healing body, mind, and spirit by improving nutrition, reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and providing treatments targeted specifically to the individual as well as to the condition of the individual. A multi-disciplinary staff of medical and holistic specialists provide evaluations and recommend individualized programs, including dietary recommendations, detoxification protocols, targeted holistic medicine, colon cleansing, energy healing, fitness regimens, exercise programs, and massage therapy. In addition, La Casa gives guests access to lectures by world-renowned experts on health and wellbeing, as well as classes in Spanish, Puerto Rican history, local flora and fauna, wild edible foraging, dream-work, and a myriad of other interests.

Central to the concept are the holistic spa and wellness center are comprehensive and highly specific programs for:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight-Loss
  • Detoxification (from every-day toxins)
  • Wellness/Health Maintenance & Restoration
  • Rejuvenation
  • Cosmetic Improvement

The precepts of holistic health have been the guiding principle of La Casa Resort Spa & Wellness Center (PR), since its opening in 1986, and also at its sister day spa, La Casa Day Spa & Wellness Center (NY). We have a four-pronged program for restoration and maintenance of health, and all specific therapies derive from these core principles:

  • De-toxification
  • De-stress
  • Re-nourish
  • Re-energize