We humans are, like all other living entities, beings of energy. We are electrical, as well as light beings. Our bodies are big portable batteries that have the freedom to wander over earth unimpeded. But we need enough voltage (energy) to do so. And we need enough voltage to repair old or injured cells as well as to create new cells. Through deliberate techniques of exposure to the energies of the natural world, as well as state-of-the-art instruments created for the specific purpose of conferring energy, La Casa (PR) guests receive Energy Infusions every day. Love our sand baths, delight in our moon-dancing, revel in our dawn dew-walks. Or, take a session with one of our energy-conferring devices (PEMF, Cem Tech, BioModulator, Metatron).

Vibrational (Energy) Medicine is now one of the most widely studied fields of medicine today. It is based on the intersecting aspects of the sciences of biology, physiology, chemistry and physics, and looks at the subtleties of human structure and patterns of energy in interaction. Significant bio-energetic principles as well as treatment modalities have emerged, and there is now global interest and research in the clinical application of Vibrational Medicine.

It is thought by many that the future of biology will be based more on electrical frequency than on the matter-based principles currently employed. It has been scientifically validated that the body’s electrical system is foundational in the function of all of other bodily systems. Homeopathy is just one application (perhaps the most familiar) of vibrational medicine, and has been used by various systems of medicine throughout history.

Advancements in modern technology have made it possible for the previously unseen/subtle to be now seen. The influence of subtle energy systems, invisible to the naked eye, on cellular/biological systems has been scientifically confirmed. For the past 50 years, physicists and other researchers following Einstein’s quantum model have been working on ways to detect, measure and manipulate the subtle energy systems of the human body. The discoveries made through this research have made it possible for today’s health care practitioners to work with subtler forms of energy, both in the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Thus, it is now possible to view and measure the body’s subtle energy fields, as well as changes in these fields after Vibrational Medicine modalities have been applied. Vibrational medicine stimulates the body’s restorative systems without the side-effects associated with the use of pharmacological substances.

Among the energy therapies to be employed are:


Taking readings from the body’s electromagnetic fields has been a standard diagnostic practice in medicine for many decades. The procedures of EEG and electrocardiography (ECG), for instance, are based on the detection of electromagnetic fields that arise in the central nervous system and heart muscle, respectively. Researchers have also found that relatively weak electromagnetic fields are associated with tissues other than the heart or central nervous system, and that they, too, carry information of diagnostic value.

The Metatron was developed using Russian technology after extensive research and clinical trials. This system is a non-invasive holistic method of screening your entire body – organs, tissues, cells and even on a sub-cellular level — in detail. The device “reads” the aberrance of all the body’s systems from natural harmonic frequency patterns, and thus, isolates the root cause of illness rather than the symptoms. The Metatron identifies not only current organic dysfunctions, but also the potential risk for future abnormalities. The bodily systems scanned are: circulatory, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, immune, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, urinary, and vestibular.

Cem Tech

The Cem Tech is a revolutionary new technology in the field of energy healing that has been recently introduced in the U.S. from Russia. It is an intra-cellular communication device that was developed from 30 years of rigorous research, testing and documentation. Doctors, hospitals and clinics in Russia use it extensively. The Cem-Tech is approved as a Medical Instrument-Class CE2A in Russia.

One of the virtues of the Cem Tech is that it is so versatile and is able to serve several healing functions: it both records frequencies and emits frequencies. Specifically,

  • Using a specialized crystal called an emitter, the Cem Tech communicates with the body’s cellular structure using millimeter wave (low amplitude radio waves) technology. The technology allows the frequencies to impart healing energy directly into the body on a cellular level. As well, the frequencies pass through the blood brain barrier, making the healing both immediate and systemic.
  • The Cem-Tech has 33 programs, each stimulating a different area or system of the body.
  • It works homeopathically, as it can record frequencies of imbalance directly from the body, and then can feed these same frequencies back into the body in a homeopathic dose.
  • The Cem Tech changes the molecular structure of water — called structured water — by making the water clusters smaller and therefore more bio-available to the body.
  • The Cem-Tech can be used to record the frequencies of vitamins, minerals, vaccines, microorganisms, as well as medications, and then can transmit those frequencies back into the body, again in a homeopathic dose.
  • All frequencies recorded by the Cem Tech can be infused into water. Drinking the infused water confers those frequencies into the body.



Onnetsu is a marriage of traditional Japanese therapy and modern far-Infrared technology. Science understands that energy involves heat. The Japanese have documented that degenerated cells are always cold because they lack energy, or heat. The Onnetsu therapy imparts healing heat (energy) into the body, stimulating the immune and autonomic nervous systems, as well as promoting blood, hormone and Chi flow throughout the body. Penetration depth into the body is 8 inches – deep enough to reach all major organs. Frequency range emitted is 8-15 microns – the exact frequency of infrared light from the sun.


Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF)

Today, we are all magnetically deficient. We no longer absorb the pure and life-sustaining magnetic energy of Earth herself because we don’t have enough direct contact with her (from living in hi-rise apartments, to walking on concrete). As well, the electro-magnetic chaos of cell phones, microwaves, Wi Fi and internet waves contributes to our deficiency. Finally, the Earth’s magnetic field is not fixed in position or strength. In the last hundred years, it has weakened on the average by about 6 percent. In the last thousand years, it has fallen nearly 30 percent. Scientists have determined that 4000 years ago, Earth’s magnetic field was 5.0 gauss. Today it’s 0.5 gauss — a drop of 90%.

The usefulness of PEMF has been shown in clinical usage to be systemic to all functions of the body. The treatment works by addressing the underlying cause of all disease: stagnation at the cellular level. PEMF improves cellular metabolism through encouraging a flow and release of cellular constipation. Bodily traffic jams are restored to an even flow of orderly transport of oxygen and nutrients to the whole system. Thus, PEMF both detoxifies as well as promotes better absorption of nutrients.

Inside each cell of your body are one or more energy factories (mitochondria). Surrounding this energy factory is a membrane through which nutrients go in and waste is expelled. Maintaining proper function of this membrane it critical to the health of the cell and in extension the entire being. Unfortunately, over time, this membrane begins to lose tonicity due to a multitude of environmental factors (toxins, pH, deficiencies, inflammation, electrical and magnetic interference) and the mitochondria are no longer able to effectively create energy molecules. The structure is therefore damaged in two ways; firstly the tonicity of the membrane is reduced by the change of ions inside and outside the cell and secondly by the adherence of toxins to the membrane surface.

This model of the inner mitochondrial membrane also extends to the outer membrane that surrounds all our cells. These function extremely similarly and are negatively influenced in the same way. PEMF therapy works by shocking the cell with a magnetic current, thereby shaking loose the toxins from the membranes surface and re-balancing the positive ions outside and negative inside of he cell.

The re-stabilization of the cellular membrane potential increases cellular communication, energy production, nutrient uptake, detoxification and general cellular biome homeostasis. This therapy can increase the efficiency and efficacy of almost all other medical and energetic therapies.

The increased efficiency of toxic removal is only possible through restoring the body’s optimal mitochondrial energy so that mercury, lead, dioxin, and PCBs can be successfully excreted out of the body. Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism. This is the final common pathway of disease. If cells are not healthy, the body is not healthy.

The benefits of PEMF have been demonstrated through more than 2000 university-level, double-blind, medical studies conducted in many countries. PEMF has U.S. FDA approval as a medical instrument in the healing of a variety of conditions including:

  • Non-union bone fractures
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Brain cancer

The programs at La Casa, reflecting the four pillars of health, promise to provide each guest with intensive programs that will detox, de-stress, re-nourish and re-energize—on all levels.