Among the flowers in the jungle, two of the most highly prized are the

Ylang YlangRed Ginger

The benefits of the unsurpassed sweet aromatic flower of the Ylang Ylang are:

Anti-depressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-anxiety. It strengthens the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestive systems. It also thickens hair. Throughout history in Indonesia, and still today,

Ylang Ylang has been commonly used to decorate the bed of newlyweds on their wedding night.

The unsurpassed benefits of the pungent Red Ginger are:

warms the body, appetite enhancer, laxative, preventative of colds; eases sore throats, bronchitis, rheumatism, lumbago, impotence, premature ejaculation, stomach pain, asthma, headaches, and muscle aches.

The legend of the Flower-World is that when there is a secret untold Love,

the sweet perfume of the Ylang Ylang will relay the message to the Red Ginger, and together,

they will create a Symphony

of Love and Long Life.

And thus, we present:

La Casa Resort Spa & Wellness Center (Puerto Rico)
(a rainforest experience)


Where Ylang Ylang and Red Ginger grow in absolute and glorious abundance;

where Love and Long Life meet in a fully sustainable environment

at the edge of the rain forest in Puerto Rico.

In affiliation with La Casa Day Spa & Wellness Center (NY)


El Yunque, Puerto Rico

In El Yunque, the virginal rain forest in Puerto Rico, the warm sun kisses a serene and pristine world. On the lush parcel of land at the edge of El Yunque that comprises La Casa Resort Spa & Wellness (PR), we offer a back-to-basics experience. We believe that the bounties of the natural world are all you need to gain both a soul-deep sense of calmness as well as rejuvenation of body/mind/spirit. Our 10-acre farm provides an ideal setting to enjoy the splendors of rain-forest life. The views on the property are exquisitely panoramic: look to the right and see grand views of peaks of the rainforest; look to the left and see the vast expanse of the ocean. The tiny tree frogs, called coquis, will lull us to sleep, and we awake to the delicate melodies of the singing birds. Stroll through our paths, and stumble into our papaya orchard, or gaze upward to the tops of our towering eucalyptus tress, or lie next to a patch of orange that happens to be mangos galore as the fallen fruit covers the ground in their brilliant hue.

During their stay, our guests are able to partake in a treasure trove of activities: there are rain forest hikes through exotic tropical vegetation that lead to cool, rushing mountain streams and invigorating waterfalls; there is basking in the sun on pure white sand, and plunging into the warm, tranquil waters of the Caribbean. There is enjoying dining of succulent foods picked fresh moments before they find their way to your plate: everyday is a banquet of gourmet vegetarian cuisine. There is treating yourself to our pampering spa therapies: enjoy a mineral-rich mud bath the way the Taino Indians did it centuries ago; relish an Abianga massage under a banana tree, and add, as an extra bonus, the aroma of sensory-awakening ylang ylang flowers and leaves. And there is simply basking in the slow rhythms of tropical life—all awhile staying in accommodations where privacy, security and service are unsurpassed.

But these activities will be often secondary to the primary purpose of a stay at La Casa (PR). Most of all, our guests find the perfect environment in which to renew their commitment to their own health and vitality, or to explore, with an experienced holistic health practitioner, the underlying causes of on-going health issues. La Casa (PR) is for those who respectfully appreciate the wondrous gift of nature; it is for those who embrace the concepts of holistic health, believing as we do, that immersion in nature’s bounties is the best healer of all; and it is for those who seek an alternative holistic approach to health issues. Whether the interest is in anti-aging, weight loss, health restoration, or re-finding one’s natural energy and vigour, La Casa (PR) has proven programs to move its guests in the direction of their personal goals. Because La Casa (PR) only accepts 15 guests at a time, services and programs will be individualized to each guest.

A stay at La Casa (PR) in never a mere vacation. The “La Casa Experience” is something that will make you healthier and give you renewed vigor with which to go back home to meet your life.


Come. Let us heal and comfort the very essence of your soul.


view from the property


About La Casa

We live at La Casa close to the earth. We use the iron-rich clay that is ubiquitous on our farm for all kinds of ailments. We rub the sand from the beach all over our bodies so that we absorb the living minerals from these tiny quartz compositions. We compost all unused food, and this is the nutrient-rich soil we use to grow our baby greens and to fertilize our fruit trees.

We find that even the most basic activities can be health enhancing. We make a habit of walking barefoot on the grass when the morning dew hasn’t yet evaporated. When we do this, we are allowing our hair to serve as antennae, pulling in electrical energy from the atmosphere into our heads. This electrical energy is then distributed throughout the rest of our bodies, charging up our organs. Finally, the energy is released through our feet into the ground. When we wear rubber or synthetic soled-shoes, or socks or stockings, we prevent the release of our body’s electrical charge and it builds up as static electricity.

As well, we breathe a little more deeply when the air is heavy with ozone that has wafted down to the farm from the peaks of El Yunque. We’re lucky that this is a frequent occurrence as there is almost always rain activity high in the rain forest. Contrary to how most people think about ozone, in fact, natural ozone, created in the atmosphere during rainstorms is incredibly cleansing to our lungs and a powerful destroyer of bodily pathogens.

We sit out on starry nights and take moon-baths, letting our bodies absorb the soft reflected light of the moon. We don’t know what actual physiological effect moonlight gives to us, if any. But, whether the effect is physical or purely psychological, our guests say that it is one of the most healing times that they spend at La Casa, and that it fills them with a kind of peaceful energy.

We find at La Casa that even the most resistant, chronic diseases respond well to the medicinal use of the five elements. We have seen cholesterol levels drop 90 points after just a five-day stay at La Casa; we have had guests with multiple sclerosis arrive in wheelchairs and leave without assistance; we have had cancer patients who began a regimen of holistic healing at La Casa, continue the program back home and been told subsequently by their physicians that there was no trace of the cancer. These are not miracle cures; rather they reflect adherence to sound, scientific principles of health.

We are fortunate at La Casa to be able to enjoy an abundance of riches of the earth. Although most of you will not be able to walk out of your own homes to slather your bodies with either mud or sand or to take a refreshing dip in mineral-rich mountain streams, as we do at La Casa, we have endeavored to find ways of bringing these health principles and health benefits back to your home. We have found ways that you can carry out in your own home, with little expense and minimum inconvenience, virtually all of the health principles and health activities that we practice at La Casa.

At La Casa, we avail ourselves of health principles from all over the world, from ancient traditions, some 5000 years old, to modern-day devices. For instance, we clean out our nostrils the same way they do it in India today and the way they have been doing it for eons. We clean out our colons, however, through the use of a portable home device that was only invented fifty years ago.

This is the real meaning of the holistic health revolution: for most of us, even those of us who are ill, our bodies still retain a resiliency for healing; the knowledge of how to heal ourselves remains a long-ago, forgotten memory. But we are able to access our memory through studying the healing traditions of other cultures that have been passed down through the ages. The health revolution is not about new learning; it is about coming to remember what we already know.